What about my data's Privacy?

 We are very serious about Security and Privacy. Listed below are some of things we do to that end:
 1> We do not share your data with anyone. This is a 100% guarantee.
 2> We do not have any payment information of yours. Apple does not provide payment information to third party apps.
 3> We do not have any recurring charges or in-app purchases.
 4> We do not have any advertisements and neither will we ever have any, so we do not need to "mine" your data for advertisers.
 5> We really don't want to know anything about you. You can change your email to "anonymous@raah.co", using the preferences page, and then the only other piece of information that we'll have is your username and a username by itself, is generally not sufficient to correlate identity.

 6> Everything is transferred over high grade HTTPS from the App and the Website. Our SSL implementation is rated A+, which is higher than Facebook and Google, they are rated B.
7> The mails that we send are signed by us to protect against phishing and spam and we DO NOT send regular "informational" emails. Image below of what Gmail thinks about our mail.