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See the Demo! - You'll see what it looks like when you remotely track a car in real time using Raah. An iPhone was used to capture the data for the demo.
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FAQ for Route Tracker Pro:

 1. The App doesn't track at all? (please check the next one too.)
 Please check if the following setting are enabled:
 1.1 Settings>Privacy>Location Services>On
 1.2 Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Route Tracker>Always
settingsprivacylocation services
location onRoute Trackerwhile using

 2. The App doesn't track in the background? (iOS 7 only)
 Please check if the following setting is enabled Settings>General>Background App Refresh>Route Tracker
settingsgeneralbackground app refresh
back ground app refreshRoute Tracker

 3. Can I lock down the settings mentioned above?
 Yes, do the following:
  1>Enable Restrictions: Settings>General>Restrictions>Enable Restrictions (password protect it, this password can be different from the phones password)
  2>Then under "Privacy" set the "Location Services" value to "Don't allow changes"
  3>And under "Allow Changes" set "Background App Refresh" to "Don't allow changes"
enable restrictionsprivacylocation changes
allow changesbackground app refresh

 4. The App doesn't track in Airplane Mode?
 In Airplane Mode, iOS shuts off the GPS receivers so tracking will not be possible.

 5. Everything above is ok but the App still doesn't track?
 The App depends on GPS signals to track, and anything that impedes the ability of the device to receive a signal will prevent it from tracking.
 Try keeping the device in clear view of the sky and if you can't then try and ensure that there at most only 2-3 layers between the device and the sky.

 6. I don't need the App, how do I get my money back?
 Apple will email you an invoice, in it you will find a "Report a Problem" link. Click on it to claim a refund.
 More details here App Refund on Gizmodo

 7. What about my data's Privacy?
 We are very serious about Security and Privacy. Listed below are some of things we do to that end:
 7.1> We do not share your data with anyone. This is a 100% guarantee.
 7.2> We do not have any payment information of yours. Apple does not provide payment information to third party apps.
 7.3> We do not have any recurring charges or in-app purchases.
 7.4> We do not have any advertisements and neither will we ever have any, so we do not need to "mine" your data for advertisers.
 7.5> We really don't want to know anything about you. You can change your email to "anonymous@raah.co", using the preferences page, and then the only other piece of information that we'll have is your username and a username by itself, is generally not sufficient to correlate identity.
 7.6> Everything is transferred over high grade HTTPS from the App and the Website. Our SSL implementation is rated A+, which is higher than Facebook and Google, they are rated B.
7.7> The mails that we send are signed by us to protect against phishing and spam and we DO NOT send regular "informational" emails. Image below of what Gmail thinks about our mail.

 8. Should I use "continuous tracking" or "smart tracking"? (Route Tracker Pro only, "continuous tracking" is the only mode in Route Tracker Lite)
 In the "smart tracking" mode the app will automatically end and create new routes as and when it detects stoppage or based on some pre-defined interval that is configured in the Apps Settings.
 In the "continuous tracking" mode however, there is no automatic ending or starting, you need to manually stop tracking and everything is tracked as just one route. "continuous tracking" is the mode which most people use, "smart tracking" is really meant only for taxis where each customers trip becomes a new route or businesses who want to split routes based on some pre-defined interval.

 9. Where are the Apps Settings? (Route Tracker Pro only)
 The Apps Settings are part of the iPhones Settings App. Go to Settings>Route Tracker
settingsRoute Tracker

 10. Does the site use cookies?
 Yes, cookies are needed for the site to function, but we don't use them to track you.

 11. How do I enable cookies on my iPhone?
 Update the Safari settings on your iPhone to the following Settings>Safari>Block Cookies>From third parties and advertisers.
settingssafariblock cookies
third parties

 12. I forgot my password and used the "forgot password" page and it said that the passwords been sent to my email address, but I haven't received it yet?
 The password is sent immediately, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder.

 13. I forgot my username?
 Send us a mail at support@raah.co , we generally reply within 8hrs.

 14. Are there any other charges once I've purchased the App?
 Nope. The only payment is at the time of purchasing the App from the AppStore, we have no in-app/service subscriptions.

 15. For how long are routes retained?
 Forever. The only thing is that you'll see only the 1000 latest routes. If you want to see older routes please delete a few amongst the current 1000, and the older ones will automatically slip in to your current 1000.

 16. How do I delete a route?
  The delete button is at the bottom right hand corner of the map. Once you are done deleting, refresh the page and the routes will disappear.
delete route

 17. Can I completely delete my data and my account?
 Sure you can. Login to the site, go to the preferences page and click on the "delete account" button. This action cannot be undone.
delete account

 18. What devices are supported?
 Only a device thats iOS 6 and above with a GPS chipset. On the iPads, only the Wifi + Cellular models have GPS sensors on them, the WiFi only models don't have them, so they will not be able to track.

 19. Do you have an Android App?
 Nope. We currently have no plans to build one either. This App is made by one person, who has a pretty hectic regular day job and maintaining two apps in his free time is difficult.

 20. What happens if I were to kill the App while its tracking?
 Killing the App will immediately stop tracking. You will need to launch the app and restart tracking.

 21. What happens if I were to restart the phone while the App's tracking?
 Restarting the phone will kill the App and tracking will immediately stop. You will need to launch the App and restart tracking.

 22. Why is the UI so boring?
 The design principle is for the App to be non intrusive.
 One of the aims is that it shouldn't take a regular user more than 5 seconds to start/stop tracking and that the user relies on muscle memory for accessing functionality.
 The simpler the App is to use the more it will be used.
 The UI might be boring and very simple but to compensate for such simplicity a lot of complicated code is needed that can intelligently handle situations for which other Apps require multi-step inputs.

 23. How long can a route be?
 As long as you like. Some businesses track routes continuously for 10~12 days. Having said that, once the server receives 15000 coordinates on a particular route, it will automatically create a new route for the next 15000, this way you can keep going on forever.

 24. What does "prev route split by server" mean?
 This means that the route is so large that we had to split it into multiple routes. We split the routes at 15000 coordinates and its multiples, so that the browser does not hang or become unresponsive while loading such large routes. Loading 15000 coordinates is like loading 15000 tweets in one go.

 25. How much is the battery consumption?
 In a 4G/LTE network, expect battery consumption to be between 10%-15% an hour. If your network is not 4G/LTE, then expect higher consumption. The age of the phone also matters, the older the phone the lower the battery life.

 26. How much data does the App transfer?
 About 12hrs of tracking will generate 1MB of data over the network.

 27. Do businesses use this App?
 Yes, several, in fact there are hundreds of business deployments and 80% of the core users are businesses.

 28. Any tips for business users?
 1>Lock down your settings as described in FAQ 3.
 2>The App can be Killed by your employee at any time and that will stop tracking.
 3>Your employee can restart the phone at any time and that will also kill the App, hence tracking will stop.
 4>This app is not designed to be a spying app, so let your employee know that you want to track them, this way they won't kill the App or Restart the phone and will be mindful about tracking themseleves.
 5>If you can, create employee accounts based on vehicle numbers, not names. Experience has taught our current clients that tracking vehicles is easier than employees because employees come and go and might even work across vehicles.
 6>Create a master account so that you can see all your vehicles under one login, to achieve this do the following:
    6.1>Create employee accounts preferably based on vehicle numbers.
    6.2>Create another account, which we'll call a master account.
    6.3>Go into each of these employee accounts and use the "share location" feature to share the employees location with the master account.
    6.4>Once shared, all FUTURE routes will be visible (OLD and CURRENT are not visible) to the master account and it will also be able to set speed and location alerts per employee.
 7>There is no way to hide the App or the GPS icon.

 29. What is the "drop pins" feature?
 If you were to zoom out on the map so that you see both the starting and ending point and then click on "drop pins", you'll see that at every 60th point a pin gets dropped.
 This feature allows dispatchers at businesses to quickly figure out the time at which their employee was in a particular region.

 30. You show the altitude in feet on your site but your CSV and GPX files have the altitude in meters?
 iOS only provides altitude in meters, we convert it to feet on the fly on the website. To ensure that you have the most correct data in your downloaded files, we put in the exact same data that we have on the servers.

 31. What is "accuracy" and why should I care?
 Accuracy, measured in meters, is the accuracy of the GPS coordinate. The lower the value the better. Any coordinate within an accuracy of 25m is considered a good coordinate.

 32. Some folks that use this service have their own icons, I can't seem to change mine?
 If you mail us a 64x64 png image, with a transparent background, then we can attach it to your account. This image is only seen on your public URLs, not in the console. Send us a mail at support@raah.co

 33. I want to embed the route in my website/blog which shows the latest route I'm taking?
 Send us a mail at support@raah.co with your username and we'll send you a link (actually a couple, more details below) that you can put into an iframe. Whenever this link is loaded the latest route will be shown.

 34. Can we embed a route without the speed data?
 Yes, when we create the links, we'll send you a couple. One will show the speed table and the other won't.

 35. I don't want to show the route in the embedded map, just the current location?
 That's possible too, just let us know in the mail you send us at support@raah.co.

 36.I need help on something else not listed here?
 Send us a mail at support@raah.co , we generally reply within 8hrs.

 37. Advantages of Route Tracker Pro(paid, $4.99) over Route Tracker Lite(free):
    37.1>The paid App is very configurable, for example if you feel that you need to track a GPS coordinate every second, then it can be configured to do that.
            The free app is not configurable, but it uses sensible defaults which most users find sufficient.
    37.2>This paid App also has 4 different tracking modes. For example, one of the modes is "smart tracking" in which the App figures out when you stopped and started, and automatically creates routes based on that. This is a feature that a taxi driver might find helpful. There are modes for GIS experts and Businesses too.
            The free app has no modes.
    37.3>The longest route that the paid App can track before creating a new route is 15000 GPS coordinates.
            The free app creates a new route after 7000 GPS coordinates (generally this means about 24 hrs of continuos driving)
    37.4>The paid App has a very basic UI, but this also means that it is very resource friendly and your battery will generally last longer.
            The free app loads a pretty UI so it drains more battery.

Full Features List:
     The features of the service are split between the App and its Website.
     In a nutshell, the App only tracks, everything else is done on the Website and anybody with access to the route can view it live on the Website.

     1.1.App Features:
     > The app is very simple to use, just tap anywhere on the screen and it'll start tracking. This makes it safe to use when you are driving.
     > The iPhone is tracked at intervals of 5 seconds below 25mph(40kmh) and 10 seconds at speeds above
        (these can be modified in the settings).
     > There are multiple tracking modes:
       -- continuous tracking(Route Tracker Pro only, "continuous tracking" is the only mode in Route Tracker Lite): The iPhone is tracked continuously until you stop tracking. Some businesses track for 10-15 days continuously to analyze business activity over a period.
       -- smart tracking (Route Tracker Pro only): The App automatically terminates and starts new routes when it detects stoppage and restart of movement.
           This way you don't need to bother about keeping track of tracking and this mode is generally used by taxi's.
       -- period tracking (Route Tracker Pro only): In this mode a new route is automatically created after a pre-defined period (24hrs default).
           Press and hold the "smart tracking" button for 3 seconds to enable this mode. This mode is generally used by businesses who want to create a new route automatically every day or every half a day etc.
       -- super tracking (Route Tracker Pro only): Like "continuous tracking", except that every coordinate is tracked, nearly 40 a min.
           Press and hold the "continuous tracking" button for 5 seconds to enable this mode. This mode is generally used by bikers, joggers and GIS experts to get as detailed information as possible on the route.
       -- All tracking modes can be configured from the iPhones Settings App.
     > The App works in the background.
     > Data gets stored offline if you get out of a network and is automatically synchronized when you get into a network again.
     > The app will let you know, using local alerts, when it isn't able to track, this generally happens when the iPhone is inside a building or a glovebox. The App will also let you know when things get back to normal.
     1.2.Website Features:
     > Live route updates.
     > Stoppage Analysis: With this you can see where the vehicle stopped and for how long and this can provide great insights into the route.
     > Location and Speed Alerts: Set location and speed alerts and know when the vehicle is speeding or is close to a location.
     > Download the GPX or CSV of the route from the site.
     > Large Data limits: Your last 1000 routes can be viewed and exported.
     > All the metrics and graphs, that you can imagine: Distance, Time, Average Speed, Cruising Speed, Altitude Ascent/Descent, Average Accuracy, Speed/Altitude/Accuracy Charts.
     > Route data can be shared. Businesses use this to allow a central location/dispatcher to monitor all vehicles.
     > Individual routes can also be shared publicly to Facebook etc.

We tracked a really long route. - We went on a really long trip from Niagara Falls, NY to Chicago, IL, over 500 miles and about 11hrs of driving, and tracked the trip using the iPhone app.
Long Route

Ok, now I'm tracking, so how do I monitor in real time? click here!
How does the website work?

Login to this site from a desktop/mobile browser and follow the screen-shots below (these are for the desktop version of the site)

The screen-shots below will guide you through on how to:
     1.monitor in real time,
     2.setup alerts and
     3.share your location with others

You login to the console. Your route should automatically show up there.
See the bubbles below for information on the various parts of the Console page:

Once you are comfortable with the Console page, you can try to set up alerts:

You can also share your location with friends and family:

The site is optimized for the iPhone, you can track in real-time from it, use the same url as you would use for the desktop:
iPhone optimized
Supported Devices/Browsers? click here!
Supported Browsers for the website?

 iphone1.iPhone/iPad: Safari on iOS 6.0 or greater devices.

 imac2.Desktop: Use Firefox/Chrome/Opera/IE10 for real-time monitoring.

*IE9 and below don't support some advanced features needed by the site.

What you can use this app for? click here!
What you can use this app for?
 driving1.Driving: Say you are driving to meet up with someone, and they are eagerly waiting, in such a situation you’d rather have them monitor you in real-time on a mobile/desktop browser than call or message you while you drive.

 driving school2.Kids: If your kid has just learnt how to drive a car, then you might want to monitor the speed at which your kid is driving.
     2.1.The site allows you to setup a speed alert notification so that a mail is sent to you when your kid goes over a speed limit.
     2.2.The site is optimized for smart phones and works well with Safari on the iPhone. So, if mail gets pushed to your mobile device, then you are potentially no more than a click away to see your child’s location and speed in real-time.
     2.3.You could even set up location alerts, if you need to know when your kid reaches school or arrives home.
     2.4.This app is not meant for spying on your kids, your kid will have to allow you to see his/her routes and actively track themselves using the app.

 business3.Business: If you are a business and have trucks/vehicles on the road, and need to know:
     3.1.Where they are in real-time,
     3.2.What speed the vehicles are being driven at ,
     3.3.What route the vehicles took,
     3.4.When they leave or arrive at a depot or office
     3.5.Where they stopped and for how long
     3.6.Need mail notifications when they are over a speed limit or close to a location, then this site can handle all of those for you.

 school bus4.School buses: Track from one iPhone on the bus and all the parents with whom the location is shared will be able to monitor the bus in real-time.
     4.1.Each parent can set up their own set of alerts to know when the bus is close to home or is leaving the school.
     4.2.Again, if you have a smart phone to which mail gets pushed, then you don’t need to actively monitor the bus from the website, as and when alerts are triggered, mails will get pushed to your device.

Pricing information? click here!
Pricing information?
 paidPAID: The pro app, Route Tracker Pro is $4.99
           FREE: Route Tracker Lite is free

Need support? click here!
Need support?

 support1.Support: Reply to the mail that you received when you created your account with the question or problem OR Contact Us

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